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Fitness Classes

High energy, feel good Fitness Classes in Cambridge, Waterbeach and Milton.

Jamie is extremely experienced in delivering a variety of fitness classes. He is passionate about giving his clients the ultimate fitness class experience.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or increase your fitness levels, Jamie will work with you to achieve this.

Small Group Personal Training

Functional style group total body fitness session designed to build strength
and improve general fitness.

 The first class is free for new members. 

Thursday - 19:15-20:00 

Milton Sycamores Recreation Ground  


We perform a combination of exercises working on strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, mobility and muscular endurance.

Monday 18:00-19:00 Cambridge 


Monday 19:00-20:00 Cambridge 

Tuesday 12:00-12:55 Cambridge

Tuesday 19:15-20:00 Waterbeach 

Thursday 12:00-12:55 Cambridge

The Cass Centre Sports Field Cambridge

Waterbeach Barracks Fitness Studio


"The classes have really helped with both my mental and physical health. I love how everyone supports each other. Jamie knows how to encourage everyone and is very supportive, especially on days when your energy or motivation is low." Rosey

"Jamie's classes have made such a difference to my health and fitness. At a few months short of my 50th birthday, I feel I'm in the shape of my life. This is down to Jamie, an ex military PTI. He is friendly, encouraging and very experienced." Dave

"Bootcamp with Jamie is always the right balance of hard exercise and good fun. It's only been a few weeks and I'm starting to see the benefits."

"Jamie is an excellent instructor and has got me on the road to feeling fitter than I have felt for many years. Lockdown took it's toll on me and I feel so much more positive about my fitness now. I love the variety of classes and exercises." Alison

"Wow! High energy, motivation, positive vibes and fun. I love the functional equipment."


"Thanks Jamie, I love the workouts, very rewarding and fun."

"Classes with Jamie are fun and upbeat, a really nice balance between challenging and improving at your own pace." Stacey

"Jamie's classes are excellent and appropriate for people with different levels of fitness. He gives modifications to challenge those with higher levels of fitness and to support those with less experience. Jamie is approachable and his classes are friendly and welcoming." Lara

"I've really enjoyed Jamie's Kettlebell Classes in Cambridge. I feel so much stronger and fitter since joining and the sessions are really good fun - the time passes so quickly because everyone is enjoying themselves. I'm not yet experienced with using Kettlebells but the sessions seem to work for people of varying degrees of fitness. Highly recommend!" Debbie 

I really enjoy the functional whole body fitness sessions with Jamie in Milton. We get a good variety of exercises and the class atmosphere is supportive and friendly." Jo


Personal Training in Histon
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