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Cambridge University Press and Assessment Fitness

Fitness Classes

High energy, feel good Fitness Classes at DC10 and DC20.

Jamie and his team are extremely experienced in delivering a variety of fitness classes. Passionate about giving each client the ultimate fitness class experience.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or increase your fitness levels Jamie and the team will work with you to achieve this.


Yoga Flow with Karen - Tuesday 12:00-12:45 at DC10.

A practice designed for everybody to enjoy and receive the benefits of yoga. From complete beginners to experienced yogi’s welcome.

Please email us to join the waiting list if the class is fully booked. 


Thursday 12:00-12:45 at DC10. 

Total body, bodyweight exercise class. Combines short intensity periods of exercise with brief recovery periods. 

Please email us to join the waiting list if the class is fully booked. 

Multi Fitness Class

Wednesday 16:30-17:15 at DC20. 

Functional style group total body fitness session combining Circuit training, HIIT, BoxFit and Abs.

Please email us to join the waiting list if the class is fully booked. 


"Jamie is a fantastic trainer and a really nice guy! He's really good at correcting form, technique without being negative, discouraging - I know my deadlifts have really improved thanks to his attention and his classes definitely kick started my fitness several years ago and I've kept it going ever since." Ian

"Jamie's fitness classes are really well structured, with a variety of different exercises and different themes. Jamie is very motivating and encouraging and his classes are designed for individuals to be able to work at their own pace. You can go at your own steady pace or really push it and get an amazing workout from it, so whether you're a beginner or a regular, there is always something for everyone. The music is great too! Jamie gets some banging tunes going to help us along!" Sophie

"Jamie's classes are excellent and appropriate for people with different levels of fitness. He gives modifications to challenge those with higher levels of fitness and to support those with less experience. Jamie is approachable and his classes are friendly and welcoming." Lara

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